Opinions on Pizza

As per request….. I give you…..a blog post about Pizza: (I actually have a lot more opinions about Pizza than I thought).

Favorite toppings: Can’t go wrong with the classic Pepperoni. I also enjoy a vegetarian pizza every once in a while, though without any kind of olives preferably. Supreme is also pretty nice, and sausage is alright, but no where near as good as just pepperoni. Depending on the place, barbecue chicken or chicken Alfredo pizza can be pretty great. And lastly, second only to pepperoni: ham and pineapple. Yes, I am of the opinion that pineapple DOES go on pizza. Here’s a picture to show you just how much I believe pineapple is good on pizza:



Almost any occasion is great for Pizza. But perfect occasions include: anytime you have a group of people over to watch something. Or anytime you are happy….or sad.

My favorite U.S pizza place is probably Papa Johns. There’s just something about the sauce and the cheese that’s just perfect. It also feels like they get the ratio right between sauce and cheese. Plus that garlic butter for the crust is excellent. An honorable mention would probably be Punch Pizza which uses a “wood burning brick oven” to make excellent pizzas. However, if we’re talking cheaper pizza, then it’s gotta be Little Caesars. And I will fight you if you try to say that dominoes is better. The only thing dominoes does better is their seasoned crust. Otherwise, little Caesars wins all the way. 5 dollar pizzas and they actually taste really good to me. Now, if we’re talking favorite Pizza place in the whole world? Then it might just be this place in Panama called Napoli. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this really is my favorite Pizza place because my family only makes trips to Panama every once in a while to visit relatives. The last time I was there was, I believe, in 2011 right after I graduated high school. However, I do know that I have questioned myself in the past over whether it really was that good or if I was romanticizing it a bit. But every time we go back to Panama and have Napoli’s Pizza I’m like “nope, this really is the best Pizza ever”. So you know what? I’m sticking with it, at least up until the next time I go back to Panama. I guess I’ll just have to keep re trying the Pizza every time just to make sure it really is my favorite….oh well. Here is a picture of Napoli Pizza:



A few other random thoughts on Pizza: Toppers is not very good. I don’t know, I guess it just tastes bland to me. BUT, one of my friends and I discovered that if you get a Toppers pizza with some very specific ingredients, it can be very good. Those ingredients are: tater tots, Canadian bacon, and buffalo chicken. No I’m not joking. Sometimes I like those places that have crazy pizzas with ingredients you wouldn’t think of. Like macaroni and cheese pizza or baked potato pizza. Baked potato pizza is really filling by the way. Oh and I prefer medium sized crust as opposed to thin crust or super thick crust. Although deep dish pizza can be amazing if done right. I should also give a shout out to Ian’s Pizza in Madison Wisconsin. It’s one of those places where you can get very unique Pizzas and is great for late night meals. (I also have a friend that works there who has given me free pizza in the past, so that’s a plus)

Alright I’ve run out of things to say about pizza. Hope you all enjoyed this post about all things pizza.


One thought on “Opinions on Pizza

  1. No, I did not enjoy ALL things.

    Pineapple & ham ?!?! Steve and Madison agree with you, I fear it Maybe a defect in the Baldwin DNA.


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