Top Ten Favorite Films of 2016

Well hello everyone. This year, instead of doing a very long 2 part post about my favorite films of the year, like I did last time, I have decided to keep it short. This is for two reasons. One, it took a very long time to write it last time. So long, in fact, that I began to actually get sick of thinking about the movies of that year. And two, because this year I have been very busy and haven’t had time to think very much about the movies I saw. I also did not see nearly as many movies as I did last year. Meaning that there are several movies, many of which have been nominated for Oscars, that I still wish to see. So it’s possible that down the road this list could change. And why waste time writing a ton about a list that could easily change down the road?

That being said, I really did love a fair amount of films this year. I noticed that if you compare top 10 lists from different film critics, many of them have completely different movies rounding out their top five or more. Meaning that there have been enough great films that the top films of the year are not obvious.  My list is no different in that regard. I haven’t quite seen a list that’s similar to mine yet. Of course, that could be because the best films of the year are ones I haven’t see yet….. Anyway, what I’ll do is just list my top ten favorite films of the year, talk a little bit about a few of them, list some honorable mentions, and that will be that. A couple final notes: I’m pretty loose when it comes to deciding what counts as a 2016 movie. Some on my list came out in theaters in 2017 but were shown at film festivals in 2016, others may have been shown at film festivals in 2015 but released  in theaters in 2016. Basically they’re a 2016 film if I feel like they are….and maybe they’ll also show up on my 2017 list. Hey, they’re my lists, I make the rules. And lastly, as I pointed out last year, these are my personal favorites of the year, not the ones I think are objectively the best in terms of film-making or acting (though some I think should be praised for that). Without further ado, here is my list:

1. 10 Cloverfield Lane


2. Star Wars: Rogue One


3. Split


4. The Handmaiden


5. Arrival


6. La La Land


7. Green Room


8. The Invitation


9. The Edge of Seventeen


10. The Neon Demon


A Few Observations and Comments:

  • I noticed quite a few movies this year were about being trapped in enclosed spaces, usually from being kidnapped or other nefarious means. Not sure what that says about me that many of them made my list…..
  • Star Wars was number 2 because Star Wars. But also because I liked it even more than The Force Awakens. The climax of the film is practically everything I wanted in a Star Wars movie.
  • Split has possibly the greatest twist ending I have ever seen. Sat in the theater with my mind blown for a good while after the film ended. Thought about it for weeks afterward.
  • Finally, 10 Cloverfield Lane was number one because it had everything I like in a movie. Great music and soundtrack, suspenseful, intense action, humor, incredible performances, (especially from Jon Goodman), creative camerawork/cinematography, and great attention to detail. All around great. There’s also the fact that it was directed by a first time director, but someone I knew about since 8th grade because of an internet show I used to watch that he was on. Watching a movie that was not only made by him, but actually really great, somehow made me proud….even though I don’t actually know him personally.

Honorable Mentions:

Sing Street

Very close to making the list. Songs are amazing. Very feel good film.

Hail Ceasar

Highly underrated.  Typical, smart Coen Brothers humor.

Ghost Busters

I don’t hold the original ghost busters in super high regard….I thought the new film was about as good as the original. Kate Mckinnon is by far the best thing about it for me and actually makes me want to buy the movie.

The Witch

Smartly done horror for those that are patient.

X-men Apocalypse

Nothing groundbreaking….but quicksilver steals the show again. Some amazing fight scenes.

Swiss Army Man

Another one that just barely missed being on the list. Super bizarre movie. Fart joke humor yet somehow very deep and poignant.

Midnight Special


Captain America: Civil War

Kubo and the Two Strings

Dr. Strange

Jungle Book



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