Update/New Films I’ve Seen: 4/17/2016

Hello everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update about my blog. I finally published part 2 of my post ranking the films of 2015. It took way longer than I anticipated and I realized something while writing it. Writing about movies and talking about movies are very different. Talking about movies is much more exciting than writing about them. At least for me. What I mean to say is that, as I was writing about all the movies on my list I started to really get bored of thinking about those movies. Because of the amount of concentration it takes me to try and write about something intelligently, I found myself thinking way more about one particular film than I really cared to do. I would write a paragraph, then think it over, then rewrite it. By the time I got it right I was really sick of thinking about the movie. This in no way means I want to quit writing. But it does mean that I’m going to do things a little different from now on. For future end of the year film rankings, my lists will be just that: lists. No long explanations for why I ranked them that way, just lists. And if I feel like going more in depth about my feelings for one particular movie, I’ll do it in a separate post. I love talking about the movies I enjoyed or thought were the best of the year. But it’s difficult to write about them when you aren’t fully passionate about all of them. As an extreme example, what if one year, all the movies were bad? I could still make a list about my favorite movies of the year. But I would very quickly get tired of writing about them if none of them were really all that great in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, my lists will only be lists and if people want to discuss why I ranked them that way, then I can talk about it more in person/via comments.

Now, there ARE still movies that I love sooo much that I don’t mind thinking about them for long periods of time. These would fall into the category of favorite movies of all time. So, if there’s one particular movie from the year that was so good that I felt I just HAD to talk about it more in depth, then I could do a longer post discussing that movie. That way, I reserve the longer posts that require more thought for the movies I truly feel passionate about. Then I won’t get tired while writing it and, when I finish, I’ll feel like I spent my time well. I have several fairly long blog posts in the works right now that I feel much more passionate about. I think they’re much more interesting and more focused than my film rankings where I had to talk about a bunch of different movies. Hopefully they will also be more interesting and exciting to read.

I want to end this post by talking about a couple films I recently watched. I’ve found that, very frequently, the movies that I end up loving the most from a certain year are the ones that are neither mainstream blockbusters nor the Oscar nominated films. They’re the independent films that frequently get overlooked. I know there’s been a lot of parodies making fun of the tropes of independent movies. And a lot of the time I hate watching the trailers for them because they all seem the same. (quirky and funny but with heavy drama mixed in). But a lot of them really are great. Short Term 12 is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. But not many people even know about it, and it was completely overlooked at the Oscars for that year. Well, this year I wouldn’t say there was a movie as good as Short Term 12, but I did see two  great movies recently that I hadn’t seen before making my film rankings list. Those movies were Dope and While We’re Young. And if I had actually seen them in 2015 they for sure would have made my list of favorite movies of the year. I don’t think they were quite good enough to be considered for Oscars. But I loved them for their uniqueness and cleverness. They were the type of movie that really felt like byproducts of the modern age. They both commentate on and analyze the world we live in now and I really connected with all the characters. Not to mention they were just really really funny. So, if I were to amend my list of favorite movies of 2015, Dope and While We’re Young, would be somewhere near the top of that list. And that is the unfortunate thing about making yearly movie lists. You can never watch every movie that comes out in one year. The best ones are frequently missed and only caught after the year has passed.


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